CATHOLICISM is a ten-part DVD series (1 hour each). You may purchase your set today at this link from Amazon. It retails at $150, but Amazon often has it at a reduced price.

CATHOLICISM can be incorporated on the parish level as a comprehensive study program, appropriate for the RCIA and other adult formation programs. To facilitate a group study, several additional resources will be available, including: (A) participant study guides for $34.95 and (B) a book Fr. Robert Barron wrote to accompany the curriculum [300 pages] to be published by Doubleday, for $29.95.

Answering the call for The New Evangelization, this multimedia educational program reveals the truth, beauty, and richness of the Faith in an unprecedented way. With creator and host Fr. Robert Barron, participants will learn what Catholics believe and why by exploring the art, architecture, literature, music, and all the riches of the Catholic tradition. Filmed in 50 locations throughout 15 countries, CATHOLICISM is on-location and in the streets, illustrating the splendor of the global Church - all in original high-definition cinematography.


A Biblical Walk Through the Mass

A Biblical Walk Through the Mass is an adult faith formation program that provides a unique tour of the Mass. Dr. Ted Sri explores the biblical roots of the words and gestures we experience in Mass and explains their profound significance. There are five 30-minute presentations on video DVD. It comes with a leader's guide and each participant receives a student workbook.

There is also a separate booklet you may order, which is titled "A Guide to the New Translation of the Mass." This is a low-cost, handy question-and-answer booklet that addresses the important changes taking place in the Liturgy. The new responses of the Mass are laid out in an easy-to-follow format, while questions about the reasons for the changes and the effect they will have are answered and explained. This low-cost booklet is just what your parishioners need to understand why the Mass is changing, and what those changes will be. Included is an invaluable tear-out reference card that details the old vs. the new prayers and responses for the laity. Perfect for use during the liturgy.


My Catholic Faith Delivered

My Catholic Faith Delivered offers 100% online courses that incorporate text, graphics, audio, video, online discussion forums, and interactive assessments.  These new media course offerings have attractive presentation styles and can be taken by anyone from any location at any time.

Faith Foundations is a comprehensive course that covers the entire Deposit of Faith in its essentials.  Also available are Understanding the Scriptures, The History of the Church, Our Moral Life in Christ, Celebrating Humanae Vitae, and Theology of the Body


The Evangelium Course

Evangelium is a full PowerPoint based course for adults on the Catholic Faith, and it follows the same division as the Catechism of the Catholic Church into Creed, Sacraments, Morals and Prayer.

The presentations can be easily led by group leaders whether or not they feel confident in teaching the faith.  Each module is clearly structured, and the resources offer leaders all the support they will need to present it.

Evangelium consists of 3 resources: (1) PowerPoint presentations on CD, (2) the Presenter's Guide, and (3) the Participant's Book


Novo Millennio Press

Novo Millennio Press has created "The Discipleship Series," which are small books created for the purpose of small group faith sharing and growth in Catholic Christian discipleship.

Each resource contains 6 sessions and is structured as follows: (1) prayer, (2) a reading from Scripture, (3) silent reflection, (4) spoken reflection by reading written commentary, (5) real-life story/testimony, (6) excerpt from the Catechism, (7) discussion questions, (8) group prayers of intercession, (9) closing prayer, (10) resolution to commit to charitable service.

This methodology brings Catholics together to engage in prayer, reflection, fellowship, and service... and has proven to be very effective among participants.

Download a sample from "As I Have Loved You."  View the parish launch kit.


United States Catholic Catechism for Adults

The U.S. Catholic Catechism for Adults (abbreviated USCCA) is a well-written and thought-out regional catechism composed of 36 concise chapters, 4 appendices, a scriptural index, and a topical index, and is available in English and Spanish.  Also available is an accompanying "Reader's Journal" in English and SpanishOur Sunday Visitor publishes a nice study guide that accompanies the USCCA.

(1) Each chapter prepares the reader by opening with personal witness/testimony in the form of an interesting biography of an American Catholic who lived an exemplary life.  (2) Next, the chapter's topic is given in summarily in the form of a proclamation taken from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  (3) This is followed by a 5 to 10 page doctrinal explanation, subdivided by subtitles (including sidebars).  (4) Discussion questions follow for personal or group reflection and application.  The teaching is then restated in the form of concise doctrinal statements.  (5) Finally, the reader is invited to celebrate the truth by engaging in a given meditation and prayer.

The USCCA is a tremendous resource that is easy to overlook.  Don't underestimate its significance and usefulness!

Catholic Faith Explorers

Catholic Faith Explorers answers the call for a resource for the average Catholic who often doesn't have the time to do an in-depth study of the faith due to family and work demands.

The 7 workbooks in the Catholic Faith Explorers series are only 24-30 pages long and use everyday language to explain the faith.  They can be used for individual or group study.  Each workbook ($5.95 each) provides a concise, yet complete presentation of the topic, complete with Scripture references and Catechism references.  Fro group study, a leader's guide is available ($25.95 each) in the form of a 3-ring binder with accompanying CD containing printable files.

1. So Why Do We Do This? - Understanding the Why and the How of the Mass
2. The Light and the Lens - Understanding Scripture and Tradition
3. Sez Who? - Why Church Authority Established by Jesus Is So Important to Us Today
4. Today's Disciples - The Essential Role of the Laity in the Church
5. Living Water - Understanding the Gift of New Life through Baptism
6. Forgiven - Understanding the Healing Power of Confession
7. Mary, Our Mother and Guide - Understanding Mary's Role in Salvation History, the Church, and Our Lives Today


The Mary Foundation

The Mary Foundation offers several free incredible presentations in the form of audio CD and downloadable MP3.  Or, you may even listen online.

Talks include:

1. Healing and Holiness
2. Marriage and the Eucharist
3. Seven Secrets of the Eucharist
4. The Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet
5. The Mass Explained
6. The Conversion of Scott Hahn
7. John Corapi's Amazing Story
8. Confession


The Great Adventure

The Great Adventure is a Catholic Bible study learning system that makes the complex simple by teaching the grand overarching narrative of Salvation History first (before the other studies offered) in order to lay the groundwork for the student.  The Early Church Fathers (i.e., St. Augustine) called this the Narratio (the Narrative), which gives the learner the "big picture" from the outset, which allows everything else to make much better sense.  Watch a video introduction.

Each study requires a student workbook for each participant, and the instruction is available in audio CD format (for those who have a long commute to work, for example) or video presentations on DVD (for a formal, parish-setting).  For leaders, the Leader's Resource Binder is a tremendous resource to assist you in planning, implementing, and running a Bible study.

The foundational studies include: A Quick Journey Through the Bible (8 weeks), The Bible Timeline (24 weeks), Matthew (24 weeks), and Acts of the Apostles, (20 weeks).  The ongoing studies (10 weeks each) include: Revelation, Exodus, First Corinthians, James, and Psalms.

Several teen Bible studies are also available.


Catholic Scripture Study International

Catholic Scripture Study International provides Bible studies with and without presentations on video DVD (given by Catholic priests).  One does not need to be an experienced catechist to lead a CSS class.  It is specifically designed for group study within a parish, but it could be used in a home setting.

Full-length studies are designed for a 25-28 week format and include a program manual, DVD lecture series, and online resources.  These full-length studies include: 1 & 2 Corinthians, Romans, Genesis, Exodus, Acts of the Apostles, Gospel of Matthew, Gospel of John, and the Book of Revelation.  (The Gospel of John is available in Spanish.)

CSS also provides several short studies, which are designed for individual or group use and do not include online resources.  These vary in length and may or may not have a DVD component.  These short studies include 1 & 2 Corinthians, Vatican II, Ephesians, Will Catholics Be Left Behind?, Jesus' Passion and Redemptive Suffering, Amos, Humanae Vitae, and Preparing for Christ (Advent, Year C).


Life After Sunday

Life After Sunday offers 26 downloadable discussion topics that each follow a particular theme.  Examples include Assent, Attention, Beauty, Presence, Risk, Security, Trust, Union, and Wonder.


The Saint Paul Center for Biblical Theology

The website for Saint Paul Center for Biblical Theology is a tremendous resource.  Specifically with regard to adult faith formation, it is well known for its free online Bible study courses, which are text-based.  Several are also available in audio format.

These courses cover the Mass, Mary, Salvation History, the Kingdom of God, the Gospel of Matthew, etc.  They are available in both English and Spanish.

Especially notable are two courses, which give the learner a solid basis upon which to build a lifetime of Bible study.  These are (1) Covenant Love: Introducing the Biblical Worldview and (2) Genesis to Jesus: A Journey Through Scripture


OSV's The Catholic Guide to the Internet

Consider purchasing enough copies of "The Catholic Guide to the Internet" (published by Our Sunday Visitor) to place one in every bulletin on a given Sunday.

This will put your adult parishioners in direct contact with immediate access to multiple free avenues of personal formation and education.

Lighthouse Catholic Media

Lighthouse Catholic Media offers Catholic audio presentations in compact disc (CD) format at very low prices.

You may purchase a kiosk filled with CDs and strategically position it in the vestibule of the main church.

Parishioners can sign up for the CD of the Month Club

You may order individual audio CDs and MP3s online.

Spanish presentations are also available.


Sonitus Sanctus

The online blog Sonitus Sanctus contains thousands of categorized links to free Catholic audio presentations.


Little Rock Scripture Study

Little Rock Scripture Study offers Bible studies that range anywhere from 4 sessions to 15 sessions.  Each study incorporates daily personal study, prayer, small group sharing, and a wrap-up lecture (available in both audio CD and video DVD formats).

Its studies are categorized into 1. General Studies, 2. Intermediate Studies, and 3. In-Depth Studies - with studies available in Spanish as well.