Catholic Faith Explorers

Catholic Faith Explorers answers the call for a resource for the average Catholic who often doesn't have the time to do an in-depth study of the faith due to family and work demands.

The 7 workbooks in the Catholic Faith Explorers series are only 24-30 pages long and use everyday language to explain the faith.  They can be used for individual or group study.  Each workbook ($5.95 each) provides a concise, yet complete presentation of the topic, complete with Scripture references and Catechism references.  Fro group study, a leader's guide is available ($25.95 each) in the form of a 3-ring binder with accompanying CD containing printable files.

1. So Why Do We Do This? - Understanding the Why and the How of the Mass
2. The Light and the Lens - Understanding Scripture and Tradition
3. Sez Who? - Why Church Authority Established by Jesus Is So Important to Us Today
4. Today's Disciples - The Essential Role of the Laity in the Church
5. Living Water - Understanding the Gift of New Life through Baptism
6. Forgiven - Understanding the Healing Power of Confession
7. Mary, Our Mother and Guide - Understanding Mary's Role in Salvation History, the Church, and Our Lives Today


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