Catholic Scripture Study International

Catholic Scripture Study International provides Bible studies with and without presentations on video DVD (given by Catholic priests).  One does not need to be an experienced catechist to lead a CSS class.  It is specifically designed for group study within a parish, but it could be used in a home setting.

Full-length studies are designed for a 25-28 week format and include a program manual, DVD lecture series, and online resources.  These full-length studies include: 1 & 2 Corinthians, Romans, Genesis, Exodus, Acts of the Apostles, Gospel of Matthew, Gospel of John, and the Book of Revelation.  (The Gospel of John is available in Spanish.)

CSS also provides several short studies, which are designed for individual or group use and do not include online resources.  These vary in length and may or may not have a DVD component.  These short studies include 1 & 2 Corinthians, Vatican II, Ephesians, Will Catholics Be Left Behind?, Jesus' Passion and Redemptive Suffering, Amos, Humanae Vitae, and Preparing for Christ (Advent, Year C).


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