The Great Adventure

The Great Adventure is a Catholic Bible study learning system that makes the complex simple by teaching the grand overarching narrative of Salvation History first (before the other studies offered) in order to lay the groundwork for the student.  The Early Church Fathers (i.e., St. Augustine) called this the Narratio (the Narrative), which gives the learner the "big picture" from the outset, which allows everything else to make much better sense.  Watch a video introduction.

Each study requires a student workbook for each participant, and the instruction is available in audio CD format (for those who have a long commute to work, for example) or video presentations on DVD (for a formal, parish-setting).  For leaders, the Leader's Resource Binder is a tremendous resource to assist you in planning, implementing, and running a Bible study.

The foundational studies include: A Quick Journey Through the Bible (8 weeks), The Bible Timeline (24 weeks), Matthew (24 weeks), and Acts of the Apostles, (20 weeks).  The ongoing studies (10 weeks each) include: Revelation, Exodus, First Corinthians, James, and Psalms.

Several teen Bible studies are also available.


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