CATHOLICISM is a ten-part DVD series (1 hour each). You may purchase your set today at this link from Amazon. It retails at $150, but Amazon often has it at a reduced price.

CATHOLICISM can be incorporated on the parish level as a comprehensive study program, appropriate for the RCIA and other adult formation programs. To facilitate a group study, several additional resources will be available, including: (A) participant study guides for $34.95 and (B) a book Fr. Robert Barron wrote to accompany the curriculum [300 pages] to be published by Doubleday, for $29.95.

Answering the call for The New Evangelization, this multimedia educational program reveals the truth, beauty, and richness of the Faith in an unprecedented way. With creator and host Fr. Robert Barron, participants will learn what Catholics believe and why by exploring the art, architecture, literature, music, and all the riches of the Catholic tradition. Filmed in 50 locations throughout 15 countries, CATHOLICISM is on-location and in the streets, illustrating the splendor of the global Church - all in original high-definition cinematography.


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